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Behavior that's rewarded is repeated.

More information on training is coming soon!

Training Options

 Off Leash Lifetime    Package

This package includes private and day train combinations to get your dog's recall on point so you are able to take our dog off leash safely.  RJ will use the trails and pastures on the Salty Dog Ranch property as a supplemental training opportunity and guide.  This is not a service that is available to dogs with behavioral issues such as reactivity, bite history, etc.  Owners must purchase a Mini-Educator E-Collar prior to first session.  RJ will teach owners how to properly and safely use these collars to ensure no physical or psychological harm is done. 

The cost of this lifetime package is

-$2500 for dogs over 2 years old

-$3500 for dogs under 2 years old

Private Lessons

This is for the owner(s) who want to be directly involved and personally responsible for the success of the dog's training.  With this option, you will meet with the trainer for an hour-long session.  RJ trains you on how to train your dog!  You will have the option to meet at the ranch, your home, a park or wherever you want to help with your dog's behavior.  (No human or animal aggression cases.)

The cost of this option is $100 per 1 hour session.

Puppy Lessons

The most critical developmental period for a dog is between the ages 8 and 16 weeks of age.  Puppies offer us an opportunity to shape behavior that lasts a lifetime.  Teach your puppy good manners right from the start!  RJ will focus on teaching bite inhibition, good social skills and introduce basic manners and behavioral cues.  He will show you how to shape your puppy's behavior and you will have fun doing it with them too!

The cost of this option is $100 for up to one hour. 

RJ also offers a puppy package! This includes socialization, desensitization, basic obedience, name recognition, and intro to leash walking and recall. 

This package includes 6 training sessions for $500 

Day Training

This is a once-a-week day training program.  You will drop your dog off at the Salty Dog Ranch between 8 & 10.  They will spend the day with RJ learning new commands and behaviors, and then pick them up between 3 & 5!

In this program, you will receive 2-3 videos of your dog's progress throughout the day.  These videos will explain how to reinforce the same behaviors at home!  At pickup, RJ will spend 30-60 minutes with you and your dog to go over what they worked on.  You will be instructed on how you'll work with your dog and practice these skills at home and return the following week for their next training session! These will be held on Mondays (to start with)

The cost of this option is $800 and includes 4 weeks of sessions, 4 owner sessions, and 1 free follow up session. 

For questions and inquiries about training, please contact RJ directly at 

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