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Additional Services

From nature walks, to trail passes to indoor and outdoor space rentals the Salty Dog Ranch maximizes both safety and individualized adventures for dogs. Please review our additional services and pupgrades!



Pup-cup - $7

Froyo - $7

Frozen peanut-butter kong - $7

Frozen cheese filled kong - $7

Frozen Organic Pumpkin - $7

Puzzle toy/ snuffle mat - $7

Ball Time (20 minutes one-on-one) - $12

Birthday Package- Your choice of private ball time or sniffari plus a special treat (listed above) for $15

*These add-ons are for our boarding & daycare clients

The Adirondog - $20  

This 5 star resort experience includes a 15 acre (25 foot) leashed nature walk along a well-maintained creek trail. Your dog will love this serene one-on-one adventure!

*This service is provided by a staff member for boarding & daycare dogs.

The Magellan - $17    

The Magellan is based on our 8 acre pasture for a relaxing frolic over the rolling hillside of trees, grass, or snow.  Your dog will love having the relaxation and freedom to explore our beautiful ranch!

*This service is provided by a staff member for boarding & daycare dogs.


​The Sniffari  - $15

This option is perfect for the littles or our seniors! The sniffari is a short nature walk that will provide ample exercise along the grassy pathways. The sounds and smells from this experience will be an enjoyable adventure and provides necessary mental stimulation.

*This service is provided by a staff member for boarding & daycare dogs.

Private Pasture - $25/hr or $150 for 10 visits for XL Pasture

This is a unique service for those who may not have a fenced in yard or for dogs who can’t participate in daycare.  This is a fun opportunity for your dog to have some off leash freedom without the stress of others showing up! You can also arrange play groups with friends. Reservations are required, based upon availability. 

** Grounds may not be suitable for person or persons with certain disabilities or physical limitations**

*Booking pastures and trails must be done directly through us.  You can call us at 315.207.7679 or message us through Facebook, or your Paw Partner account. Thank you!

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