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Is your dog getting the right amount of exercise and socialization? Treat your dog to a fun and active day the Salty Dog Ranch and bring home a happy and pooped pooch! Our dedicated and professional staff will ensure a safe, fun and nurturing dog day care environment.  We want to be your dog’s home away from home.

(Half days are 6 hours from the time of drop off, full days are any time over 6 hours)

1 Dog

Full Day - $33

Half Day - $22

10 Full Day Package - $300

10 Half Day Package - $200

These prices do not include NYS Sales Tax.

Packages expire within 6 months of purchase and are final sale.  We do not offer refunds on packages.

2 Dogs

Full Day - $64

Half Day - $42

10 Full Day Package - $580

10 Half Day Package - $380

These prices do not include NYS Sales Tax.

Packages expire within 6 months of purchase and are final sale. We do not offer refunds on packages.

Check out our additional services to add on to your dog’s stay!

  • All dogs must first pass an evaluation in order to attend our daycare.  This can be set up with a staff member.  These take place after hours so you and your pet can tour our facility without a full house! They typically take 30-40 minutes.  Once your dog has passed, we recommend starting daycare within a few days. If your dog doesn't begin daycare within 3 weeks of their evaluation, we will have to reevaluate them for a $25 fee. 

  • The first day of daycare must be a half day (up to 6 hours) and drop off must be by 7 am.  This allows your dog to be one of the first ones to arrive so they can meet each dog as they arrive instead of the stress of entering into a room full of dogs they do not know yet.  Starting your dog off with as little stress as possible is key to a successful future at daycare!

  • All dogs must be up-to-date on DHPP, Rabies, Bordetella (kennel cough) and flea and tick prevention. (We do not recommend Seresto collars).  Any unneutered dogs over the age of 7 months old cannot start daycare until they are altered. Puppies who start with us at the minimum age requirement can remain in daycare while intact until they are a year old, or until they are exhibiting signs of dominance, aggression, mounting, etc. 


  • We highly recommend having your vet administer the leptospirosis vaccine.  Leptospirosis is carried by wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, opossums, skunks, squirrels and deer and is found in places where they may urinate.  This includes lakes, streams, puddles or soil. The ranch has a lot of wildlife inhabiting the property, and we just want to keep everyone safe and healthy!

  • Saturday daycare will be charged as a full day when available since this is considered a special service.


  • All dogs must be dropped off by 11 am. Drop offs after the cut off will be charged a $15 late drop off fee.


  • We are a reservation-based daycare.  All daycare reservations must be submitted by 7 pm the night prior.  This ensures the safety of all our guests to be properly staffed every day.  If you are unable to make your reservation, please call us by 7:30 am to cancel your reservation.  This allows us to fill that spot for last minute requests.  Failure to cancel your reservation will result in being charged for the service that you reserved. We understand that things come up at the last minute, if you need to bring your dog and don’t have a standing reservation, give us a call and see if there’s room! An additional $10 charge will be added to your invoice for unannounced drop offs or day of requests.


  • PLEASE do not send your dog to daycare if they seem “off” (diarrhea or loose stool, inappetance, vomiting, lethargy, warts, coughing, limping etc).  Dogs can often act out aggressively when they don’t feel their best. 

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