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Why is socialization important?


Just like people, dogs need to socialize and engage as part of a healthy lifestyle.  Socialization enhances their confidence and training, while also improving how they interact, communicate and coexist with other dogs that they meet.  It also enhances your relationship with your dog, allowing you to be able to do more with him/her!


Why does my dog need to be evaluated?


The evaluations are for your protection as well as for the protection of the staff and other dogs at our facility.  Our screening process helps to determine if your dog is a good fit for daycare (and if we are a good fit for you!).  It also allows us to understand your expectations and address any concerns you may have, check out our facility, and it provides your dog the opportunity to check out the facility without the stress and chaos of an entire daycare pack being there.  It also allows us to see if his or her initial reaction to our test dog isn’t aggression or dominance.


What if my dog doesn’t pass the screening process?


Not all dogs should or would enjoy attending dog daycare.  If your dog does not enjoy the company of other dogs, or tends to be fearful/uncomfortable with strangers, he or she will not be the right fit for the pack life.  There are various reasons or behaviors that would make your dog a poor match for daycare.  However, some of those reasons or behaviors may only be temporary and we may be able to find solutions.  We take pride in our dedication to being able to provide a fun environment for dogs, and only want the best for everyone’s pup while they are in our care.  Sometimes hiring a dog walker is a better alternative for dogs who do not do well in a pack setting, or utilizing our trails, or renting out one of our designated areas for private play to still be able to provide your dog with an off leash, less stressful option to still have fun and get tired out!


How will I know if my dog really likes being at daycare?


It is not uncommon for your dog to seem timid the first few times of dropping them off at daycare. It does take some dogs several times to become comfortable with this type of setting.  With that being said, we will absolutely inform you if we feel your pup is not adjusting well or not enjoying themselves while in our care.  We would never want your dog to be stressed out or anxious while they are with us!  Also, other pack members will feed off of constant and excessive anxiety from other dogs.  This creates a hostile environment for everyone and can cause aggression and injuries.  From a pack’s standpoint, anxiety weakens the pack so it is not uncommon for other dog’s to try and “correct” that behavior.  The staff will monitor this behavior closely and inform owners if daycare doesn’t seem to be the right fit for your pet. 


Could my dog get sick from daycare?


Most diseases that your dog could contract in a daycare setting are prevented by keeping them up to date with vaccinations, heartworm, and flea/tick prevention.  Our staff is constantly monitoring all of the dogs and will be able to notice if a dog is not feeling well.  He or she will be quarantined and sent home.  We do our very best to keep a clean and well- sanitized facility but not everything can be prevented.  It is common for young dogs to contract minor illnesses when they first start daycare, as their immune systems haven’t been exposed.  It is very similar to sending your child to school or daycare for the first time.  Kennel cough is the most common, and unfortunately difficult to prevent.  The bordetella vaccine (kennel cough) is just like the flu shot whereas it only protects against certain strains.  It is so difficult to prevent this in daycare and boarding facilities because dogs typically have it for 2-7 days before presenting symptoms.  By then, they have already been exposed to other dogs.  Kennel cough is often spread through daycares, training groups, dog parks, and even going to the vet!


PLEASE do not send your dog to daycare if they seem “off” (diarrhea or loose stool, inappetance, lethargy, warts, coughing, limping etc).  Dogs can often act out aggressively when they don’t feel their best. 


What happens if my dog gets injured?


Dog daycare is a cage-free environment so it is expected that your dog will get scratches, scabs, and other minor injuries from running around and wrestling with other dogs.  Remember, dogs play with their claws and jaws!  While our staff always keeps a close eye on everyone while playing and we don’t allow them to play too rough, it is not possible to prevent everything.  We will contact you if we think your pet needs medical attention.  If we cannot get a hold of you and think it needs to be assessed as soon as possible, we will bring your dog to seek medical attention as soon as possible.  All owners are required to sign a standard agreement stating that they understand sending their dog in a group-play setting, they are at risk for potential injuries and the Salty Dog Ranch is not responsible for medical bills.


Do I need to bring food for my dog?


While we don’t recommend your dog eating during the day, if he or she needs it, we have no problem separating them half way through the day for lunch and a break.  Please be aware that feeding your dog right before bringing them to daycare, or while at daycare, is putting them at risk for GDV (gastric dilatation volvulus).  This is a life threatening condition that will need immediate medical attention if it occurs. Please feed your dog at least one hour before dropping them off to play.

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